The Mouth Guards and Their Relationship with Sports.

If you are a sport person you may live with the fear of accidentally crack or lose your teeth, it doesn’t matter which sport is, the possibility for injury is very real in nearly every sport, even those that are not full-contact or generally considered dangerous. From football and baseball to running and roller skating, it is all too easy for you to traumatically injure your mouth in just an instant. And the damage can last a lifetime and cost you lots of money.
You may know that mouth guards will help protect your teeth and to some extent the positioning of your jaw. If you want these benefits, you need a good mouth guard. Learn some tips about mouth guards to help you get what you want.
First of all, you will need one that is properly fitted to your mouth and your teeth. Typically you buy a guard that is not molded at first meaning that it’s in a generic shape. A properly fitted guard will keep your teeth and jaw in place. You will also be able to wear it without having pain.

To get a guard to fit properly you will need to mold it. Your Tijuana dentist can help you, but in most cases this involves boiling the mouth guard in a pot just like you would boil pasta. Wait until it gets soft. Pull it out letting it cool just a little before placing it in your mouth and biting down on it. This will change the change of the guard to fit your teeth. Then soak it in cold water so that it cools to the shape you just made it.

When you use the guard, be sure that you clean it after use. Don’t make the mistake of never cleaning it because there is quite a bit of bacteria on it.

Make sure that the guard is not too big. If this is the case, you won’t be able to breathe through your mouth well at all. This can make it difficult to be performing athletically if you aren’t getting enough oxygen.

Practice breathing through your nose while you are working out. This will help you get comfortable breathing this way longer before having to breathe out of your mouth. Exercise with the mouth guard in to get used to how you need to breath.