Reasons Why Extraction of Your Tooth Maybe the Best Option.

fHaving a toothache is one of the most painful experiences you can go through. There are quite numerous ways of relieving this pain for example by use of painkillers. However if your tooth is badly damaged, this may not be of sufficient help and you might opt to visit a dentist have either the tooth filled or go for a tooth extraction. The former may sound better but in some circumstances, the latter is most applicable. Some of the reasons why tooth extraction is the best option include:
• It relieves pain permanently
• If the tooth compromises your health
• Badly damaged teeth.
It relieves pain permanently.
Having a toothache maybe very depressing and if not well treated, it may even make you unable to do your day to day activities. Removal of the tooth by your dentist offers permanent relief to toothache and relieves you in the shortest time possible. Some other methods may relieve the pain but they are quite expensive compared to tooth extraction and hence replace it with dental implants in Tijuana is the best option for you if you are working on a budget.
If the tooth compromises your health.
Tooth extraction maybe a matter of your health especially if the affected tooth is in a position to cause a tumor or cysts. In addition to that, a person undergoing an organ transplant or chemotherapy suffers weak immunity and having an infected tooth may compromise the health thus necessitating extraction. In some other circumstances, swelling of teeth can stop breathing or initiate pus to accumulate in the brain, known as brain abscess and this is a severe condition that can lead to death.
Badly damaged teeth.
If your tooth has lost too much bone due to periodontal disease, the only effective method of treatment is through extraction of the tooth, because filling may not offer the needed repair. This is because it loosens the bones and tissues that support the tooth and thus the damage is too much to be repaired, even with bone replacement surgery.
These are some of the various circumstances in which your dentist will recommend you to have your infected tooth extracted. If this is the case, it is better you just follow his or her recommendations for you to have a better oral health.