Cancer symptoms that should not be ignored

Nobody likes the word “cancer”. It is the disease that causes most fear, but if detected early there are great chances of cure.

Obviously, some of the main symptoms associated with this condition may be caused by other minor illnesses, but it is ALWAYS better to go safe and be examined by a doctor if you have any questions.

Listed below are 6 cancer symptoms that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you ignore.

Be especially careful with the latter, since it can often be misinterpreted.

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1. Recurrent tiredness

Feeling fatigue or constant fatigue can be due to a whole series of reasons, and one of them is cancer.

Both colon cancer and leukemia can cause this symptom. If you feel more tired than you consider normal, or for a prolonged period of time, seek medical advice.

2. Rapid and inexplicable weight loss

If you are losing weight quickly and do not have a clear explanation for it, there could be a deeper reason.

Most cancers cause weight loss at some point, so keep an eye on the scale number.

3. Persistent pain

A constant pain without apparent cause can be a sign of cancer, especially if you have taken some remedy for the pain and it has not worked.

Depending on where you feel these pains, it could be a cancer of the rectum, ovaries or colon, or a brain tumor.

4. Strange packages

If you detect a lump in the body or just notice an increase in thickness or “change” under the skin, this could be an indicator that everything is not as it should be.

Although some body changes are normal, pay close attention and follow what your instinct tells you.

5. Frequent fever

Cancer affects the immune system, which results in habitual fevers for no apparent reason.

This is more common during the advanced stages of some cancers, but appears early in blood cancers, including lymphoma and leukemia.

6. Changes in the skin

Surely I did not know, but skin cancer is in fact the most common, and the best way to detect it is by appreciating changes in the epidermis.

Look for any unusual freckles, spots, or warts that appear on your body, and if they change size or color, have your doctor see them immediately. Thinned skin, blemishes and bloody wounds can also be indicators of cancer.

Also if you have these rare changes in the mouth carefully, mouth cancer is also a possibility, so if you have any doubt you can go with a Tijuana dentist.